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Humanistic Leader
Skills, Behaviors and Routines

Inner work and Vulnerability

Can reflect and identify needed personal improvement

Challenges self to be a learner

Asks for and accepts feedback

Acknowledges their own blind spots, and admits mistakes to others


Trust and Safety

Fosters and environment of belonging

Connect and build relationships

Ensures commitment and leverages the collective genius

Balances when to be in power and when to empower


Listen and Provide Clarity

Gathers and synthesizes information to make informed decisions

Aligns organizations values, skills, and outcomes

Listens and asks questions to understand before speaking or telling

Communicates and messages with outside stakeholders


Growth through Conflict

Professionally develops and coaches others 

Accepts conflict and adversity as opportunities to learn and grow

Takes positive risks and courageously tackles new challenges

Is curious, listens and asks questions

Gives productive and candid feedback 


Gratitude and Empathy

Empathizes with others needs

Regularly recognizes others for their efforts and work

Treats each person as a unique individual and with kindness

Acknowledges the complex nature of human functioning


Vision, Belief, and Purpose

Holds high expectations for people and the organization

Shapes the culture of the organization

Sets a clear and compelling vision

Believes in the mission and purpose of the organization and tells the story

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