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"One Size Fits You" Services

We start with a conversation and we listen to you.  We have a "one size fits you" philosophy to ensure our work together meets your needs.  We work together to design a plan.  Below are some examples of possible services and solutions.

1:1 Leader Coaching

Our unique coaching model crafted through the lens of humanistic leadership principles is designed to help leaders better support those in their team.  We listen and craft a personalized plan that ensures the most effective means of unlocking their human leader potential.  We help leaders learn the what, how, and being of leadership as they gain skills and build routines to be a more effective leader.   We typically meet twice a month as we work to goal set, prioritze, and reflect to better grow a leaders influence.

Strategic Planning

We help organizations create a clear path forward as we steamline and guide your strategic planning process.  We take your complex systems and make them simple and transparent for all.  We leverage all stakeholders in the planning process to foster ownership and clarity.  We will design a communication and collaboration implementation plan to ensure your plan drives your desired outcomes.  once the plan is developed to while ensuring effective communication and ownership among team members. Let us help you streamline your planning process and achieve your goals.

Governance Effectiveness

Humanistic Leadership provides professional development and support for school boards, governance boards, and organization board's of directors ensuring that each board member is well prepared for their roles and responsibilities helping the organization to develop its ideal board structure on its path to excellence. We coach and provide best practices to assist with governing practices, effective systems all while ensuring integrity and transparency.

Organizational Design

Is the design of your organization giving you the outcomes you are looking for?  It is critical when designing or redesigning your organization that you have a deep understanding of your purpose and guiding pillars.  Humanistic Leadership LLC will help you and your team create the system, structure, and paybook to achieve your specific objectives.  Your team will take ownership over the work and reach new possibilities when they have clear and transparent systems.  Your team's engagement will soon meet new levels.

Team and Culture 

We understand how critical a strong and positive work environment is for the success of any organization.  We spend time along with you to analyze your current culture, celebrate successes and identify areas for improvement.  We then develop a comprehensive plan to create a trusting, safe and engaging workplace for everyone.  We will provide trainng, a culture guide, and ongoing coaching to help your team intentionally create a work culture that improves retention and recruitment.  Your new improved work culture will help your organization reach success you never thought was possible.

Leader Team Workshops

Humanistic Leadership LLC has a leadership team framework honed over years of experience partnering with and  facilitating team performance.  This framework contains insights, questions, and opportunities for team reflection around what makes teams successful. We will work closely with your team to set goals and build the commitment around shared behaviors and processes to ensure we get there together.

Let's connect with a conversation!

We have a strong track record of helping indiviuals and organizations meet their goals.  We partner with nonprofit organizations, businesses, school districts, and many individuals looking to grow their leader influence.

What are leaders saying?


"Going into my first year as an administrator in education, with a lot of work to do in my building, I was a bit nervous. I started working with Nick and Humanistic Leadership LLC.  You helped me become more confident and organized. Nick has a way of working with you as a whole person before we dig into work things.  I appreciate him!"

Board President

"You have had a great impact on shaping our team and fostering a culture of excellence and growth.  Under your guidance, we have gained a lot of confidence. We are grateful for you knowledge, mentorship, and the resources you shared.  On behalf of the board, I thank you for your influence, wisdom, and patience you provided us. We are privileged to have worked with you."

Organizational Leader

"I want to tell you that you are continuing to make an impact on me and our work as an organization.  We have been very empowered with the values we put together with you last year!  I want to sincerely thank you for the mentoring you provided me as a leader and us as an organization."

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